Rowheels' REV  WHEELS areunlike anything you have ever experienced! The pull-based propulsion used is a first of its kind and minimizes factors that contribute to shoulder injury & pain.  Whether you choose the quickness and responsiveness of the REV-HX or the ease of use of the REV-LX, you will use and strengthen shoulder & back muscles neglected by standard push wheeling and experience posture improvements.

Rowheels overcome many of the shortcomings and inefficiencies associated with standard push propulsion and does it without the need for bulky levers or heavy batteries and motors. Using larger muscles and better mechanics, improving posture and negating the damaging shoulder forces, common to pushing, reducing the risk of developing upper body injuries/pain which, over time, can lead to reduced mobility, activity, and independence. Rowheels' REV wheels were designed to take advantage of the larger and more capable muscles used in arowing motion. Our gear system makes this possible while alsoincreasing responsiveness on the HX or making it much easier to propel on the LXwhile allowing for our enhanced braking system.