Kayser Betten Custom Beds


In 1980, we produced the first functional secure sleep system in Germany for children. The bed, with high side rails, was designed for a boy with cerebral damage and spastic disablement. This first KayserBetten made caring for the boy considerably easier and significantly enhanced his development.For more than 30 years, we have been producing innovative secure sleep systems for children which make the daily care much simpler, whether at home or in a hospital. Today, we distribute KayserBetten worldwide and are one of the leading manufacturer of secure sleep systems for children. 

Whether the bed is from our standard program or is purpose-built to meet individual needs. Important features of secure sleep systems for children are the height-adjustability of the sleep platform and the variability of the lying surface. The adjustment functions, via electric motor or hydraulics, simplify the daily care and considerably ease the strain on the caregiver's back. Low-level access helps children to develop and improve their mobility skills, enabling them to climb in and out of their bed independently and safely. Additionally, special beds are often subject to heavy usage and therefore need to be extremely robust - and we know from our experience how to build really sturdy beds.